CT-377 – 10’4″ x 17’4″

Night Exterior skyline, magic hour, New York City, New York Skyline, 26th floor, Madison and 57th, Dentist office view, Richard Sylbert, ATT on right of frame, winter season, December, Christmas colors on Empire State Building, Empire State Building on Right side, Chrysler Building on Left Side, Magenta into Blue sky 17' x 26'4" Horizon about 6-6 Used for CT24, 17'8" x 28' Horizon 7-8 CT46, 11'6" x 18' Horizon 5 CT377, 10'4" x 17'4" Horizon 5, New York City

Night exterior, New York Skylines – used for image CT24.

  • Crop: 10’4″ x 17’4″

  • Horizon: 5′

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Tags: City Skyline, Exterior, New York